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Fiona’s Mini Buses will be operating school bus services in accordance with Transport for NSW COVID-19 Precautions for Public Transport Services advice, issued on 7th May 2020. This advice has been developed with regard to Safe Work Australia’s guidance for Public Transport.

Social distancing does not apply to dedicated school services. No school student will be left at a bus stop. We will be encouraging social distancing on buses where patronage levels permit. The seats immediately behind the driver and adjacent to the driver will be isolated to minimise contact between the driver and passengers.

Additional cleaning has been introduced on our bus services since the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes additional cleaning of all touch points including hand holds, stanchions, bell pushes and seat top rails prior to commencement of all shifts both in the morning and afternoon, with hospital grade disinfectant. Additional cleaning during any layover is carried out.

We will continue to monitor processes and practices as students return to school and all advice will be strictly adhered to.

If you require further information please call the office on 02 6760 9084.

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Did you know we operate school bus services in your area?

We service Nemingha, Kootingal, and Moonbi public schools
We service Timbumburi and Duri public schools
We also connect services to Tamworth from Limbri and Mulla Creek areas
Available for private charter

Locally Operated
Wheelchair access available
Fully Accredited Drivers
Contact Fiona Hemmings on 02 6760 9084 or 0427 428 911

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School Bus Services

School Student Transport Scheme

The way to apply for free school student travel has changed.  With the end of the ‘Blue Forms’ you now have to apply online via the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) website.  A new application is required for all eligible new enrolments, and all children progressing to years 3 and 7.  A change of address also requires a new application.

The Transport for NSW website provides detailed instructions on how to complete the online application form.  However, if you are in doubt you can contact one of Fiona’s staff at our main office for assistance.  For those parents who do not have ready access to a computer, we offer computer terminal access at our main office.  Feel free to call our office to arrange this.  Our staff will also be on hand to assist with completing the online application.

Transport for NSW link:

Fiona’s office contact 6760 9084.


Changes to Private Vehicle Conveyance Subsidy

Rural and Regional operators should be aware that TfNSW recently announced changes to the Private Vehicle Conveyance subsidy.  Under this Scheme, TfNSW pays a subsidy to families to help meet the cost of using a private vehicle to drive children to school, where there is no public transport available.

Under the new “School Drive Subsidy”, to take effect from 2017, families will be paid per trip rather than per student.  Under the new subsidy, payments are calculated at a flat, per kilometre rate for the actual distance between the family home and the child’s school or the nearest public transport pick-up point by the shortest route.

Those on the existing Private Vehicle Conveyance scheme will be able to choose between transferring to the new School Drive Subsidy scheme or staying on the original Private Vehicle Conveyance scheme.  However, each family will only be able to choose ONE scheme to cover all of their children.

Families need to have an approved application under the existing 2016 scheme to be eligible to continue under that scheme’s settings into the future.  Parents and students needing to get their 2016 second semester applications in for the existing Private Vehicle Conveyance scheme must do so by 20 December 2016.

The new School Drive Subsidy applications open on 17 January 2017.  Further details on the new scheme can be found at:

Mulla Creek – Moonbi – Kootingal – Nemingha Service